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you can call me cklx622 (other known aliases are cklx and lesser known lodicakes), and here is my little corner where i do things

i'm gonna...

interesting 88x31 button collection(todo)

cool interesting sites(wip)

sites I found cool, interesting, creative, and informative

what's on my mind...

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  • "what's on my mind" area
  • image marquee area
  • chat box and visitor count section
  • poll section?
  • make the links work
  • make OC profiles page
  • may 22 2023 date started
  • sitemap
  • convert ttf files to woff (for easier font loading times)
  • more stuff and fluff = ̄ω ̄=


get a counter from any of these sites
  • websiteout.net/counter.php
  • counter.fc2.com
  • cutercounter.com